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Scouts & Guides

Scout and Guides Activities 
             Annual Plan of Activities for the session 2018-2019

1. The School has its own group of Scout & Guides consisting of all 4 parts Cubs Bulbul Scout and Guide.

2. The Group is registered every year.

3. The School has 83 scouts & 45 Guides and 44 Cubs and 28 Bulbuls and  aims to increase the number. 

4. The group has its own scout guide corner which is maintained by Scouts and Guides.

5. The group has meetings on Wednesdays when they decide routine activities -march past, First aid knotting, the works for school cleanliness beautification, Discipline and tree plantation etc.

6. The Group participates in all school activities and events of national importance like water saving day, van mahotsav, literacy day, BS&G, Foundation & Thinking Day, Flag Day etc.

7. Registration for the newly joined members will take place in the second half of September.

8. Scouts and Guides Camp will be organized in the third week of October.

9. Tests of Pravesh, Pratham and Dwitiya Sopan will positively be held in the last week of July.

New Session 2019-20 has been started from 1 April with great zeal & enthusiasm.                  
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